Excellent, Thought Provoking Book
Review by Jewels on Amazon.com

I received this book for my birthday. I have absolutely loved it so far. There are a couple things I would not agree with but it doesn’t change my opinion about the book. The author first describes the Waco disaster. The thing that I would disagree with is that Hanson debunks some of the myths of the Waco disaster which could be true, but what I don’t agree with is that he says that the Davidians were not a cult. The davidians believed that their pastor david was Jesus Christ and that he came back on the second coming. They also said that he could open the seven seals in the book of revelations chapter 3 and 4. They are definately a cult, even though they didn’t harm anyone contrary to what the government says.
I skipped ahead to the story of how Alex and Mike got in the bohemian grove. I had to hear the story. I thought it was one of the most hilarious things I ever heard with all the close calls!! I am glad that there is humor in this book but one has to know the deeply occultic side of this too.
Now we have to ask ourselves. Do we really thing George W. Bush is a christian???? A lot and I mean A lot of evidence shows this is not the case!!!! We have to see that many will be decieved, even the very elect. George W. Bush probably is a wolf is sheeps clothing. I thought I’d write two reviews since I am not all the way through, this book deserves two reviews!!! Big thumbs up!!!!! Also remember, many almost all of our presidents have been involved in secret societies!!! Where do you think we got the great seal from?????? From a dark being who visited Thomas Jefferson, he gave him a red velvet bag with the two seals on the 1 dallor bill. The dark being came to him mostly because he was a rosicruicanist. (another secret society). Wake up folks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!